happens to the best of us, geoffrey

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Orange is the New Black cast for Entertainment Weekly (May 2, 2014)



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no offense, but the Rooster Teeth/Achievement Hunter fandom is kind of creepy. They are after all actual real people, not characters like in most fandoms...


Yeah I know. I’m friends with Ray. I became friends with him because I drew him NAKED covered in rose petals and a sheet.


Title: Swimming With Sharks 1/?
Pairing: Eventual AHOT6
Warnings: Excessive swearing and some violence. It’s not too graphic though.
WC: 3000
AN: My hands slipped.

Summary: Michael has lived in Camden NJ all his life, hes had it tough but he gives just as good as he gets, looking out for no one but himself. That is until he sees a young man being cornered by a group of thugs and his life changed forever.

If you were to decide for some stupid reason to move to Camden, New Jersey there was a 78% chance that within the first 3 hours of entering you’d be getting your ass kicked.

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"That was fucking incredible.” - Things To Do in GTA V: Fast Cash

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Fast Cash

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Sweatpants - Childish Gambino

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If people really can see my through my webcam they’d literally just see my double chin and me with my finger up my nose 7 times out of 10.